We believe that investors who make long-term strategic allocations to the Brazilian equity markets will reap the benefits of the country's growth trajectory.

Astra Public Equities manages a highly focused portfolio with a maximum of 6-8 substantial minority positions. Our investment horizon stretches over 3–5 years and the fund is structured to ensure access to additional capital if needed for intermediate equity infusions into portfolio companies.

Co-operation and alignment with other shareholders is essential in the selection of investment targets, and we actively avoid situations where differing views on strategy would hinder or slow down the implementation of important value creation initiatives.

Based on our due diligence and subsequent information collected during the analysis phase, we develop a detailed value creation plan for each portfolio company with objectives for the coming 3–5 years. A dedicated case team is maintained during the whole holding period, providing continuous support to the chairman and CEO as speaking partners. If requested, Astra Public Equities can also assist the portfolio company in execution of prioritized activities, using the team’s internal and external resources and Astra advisors.

What do we look for?
  1. Brazil publicly listed companies, with a R$100–700 million market capitalization
  2. Undervalued situations
  3. Companies with proven business model and realistic potential for long-term value creation through growth, profitability and capital efficiency improvements
  4. Situations where a substantial minority investment can give us a genuine governance position
  5. Investments with a typical lifetime of 3–5 years