Astra's credit-oriented strategies complement its private equity investment activities. Astra currently manages a number of credit oriented trusts.

Astra's credit investment approach strives to produce risk-adjusted returns for investors through a diverse range of credit oriented vehicles. It has considerable knowledge while emphasizing preservation of capital and stable cash-flow.

Astra successfully applies this investment philosophy in flexible and creative ways, allowing it to find attractive investment opportunities, deploy capital across the balance sheet of industry leading businesses and create value throughout economic cycles.

Our investment strategy revolves around a disciplined credit review process and is based on a deep understanding of companies and the industries in which we operate maximizing positive total returns.

Astra aims to minimize downside risk and protect principal by maintaining a diversified portfolio, performing intensive credit research and actively monitoring all investments.

Astra Credit

Astra Credit strategies is focused on generating superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in a credit receivables originated from Utilities, Consumer-related and Corporate supply chains. Astra Credit may invest in receivables both performed and non-performed with a strong and resilient underlying Obligor.

  • Astra Credit Water & Waste Fund
  • Astra Credit Energy Fund
  • Astra Credit Transportation Fund
  • Astra Credit Merchants Fund